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0.370 Carat Marquise Shape Diamond

0.370 Carat Marquise Shape Diamond

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As an industry expert, I recommend the 0.370 carat marquise shape diamond (Diamond ID 375471). With a color grade of E, a clarity grade of VS1, and very good polish and symmetry, this diamond offers high quality and brilliant sparkle. Its measurements of 7.84 x 3.73 x 2.22 and 65% table and 60% depth percentages make it a stunning choice for any jewelry piece.

Diamond ID                      375471 
Color:                                E
Clarity:                             VS1
Polish:                             VG
Symmetry:                      VG
Measurement:               7.84 - 3.73 - 2.22
Table %:                          65
Depth %:                        60
Eye Clean                      YES
Stone Type:                   CVD

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