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5.090 Carat Princess Shape Diamond

5.090 Carat Princess Shape Diamond

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Crafted by an expert, this 5.090 carat princess cut diamond (Diamond ID: 422964) is a stunning addition to any collection. Featuring a color grade of E and a clarity of VS1, this diamond boasts an excellent polish and symmetry (both graded EX). Measuring 9.2X9.18X6.63 and with an ideal table percentage of 70 and depth percentage of 72, this diamond is sure to catch the eye and turn heads.

Diamond ID                        422964
Color:                                   E
Clarity:                                VS1
Polish:                                 EX
Symmetry:                         EX
Measurement:                   9.2X9.18X6.63
Table %:                              70
Depth %:                             72
Eye Clean                            NO
Stone Type:                        LABGROWN

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